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Character name: Vincent Valentine
Character fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Version: VI
Canon point: Post-Advent Children Complete, Pre-Dirge of Cerberus
Importing development from old game? Nope.
Background: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Vincent
Changes from canon, if AU: N/A

Personality: Vincent Valentine is a vampire brooder. He locked himself in a coffin for twenty-eight years. He’s gloomy and jaded, seemingly unconcerned with the world’s problems, and has a huge guilt complex. His outlook on life is ‘I don't care what you are doing, so much as the idiotic way that you are doing it.’ He wears a raggedly red cape, a gauntlet over his left arm, and pointed metallic boots (for someone who wants to hide from the world, he sure picked an unusual get-up). He has four demons inside of his head, and figuratively even more demons that he carries around.

At least, that’s what he appears to be on the outside. Vincent isn’t as cold as he appears. There are instances that show he isn’t uncaring of what does on around him. While his definition of repenting is rather eccentric, the fact that he’s willing to repent counts more.

Before he was consumed with guilt and sleeping in a coffin, he was a Turk. Surmise what you will from that and what is known about the Turks. He’s killed without shame, and he isn’t a saint. But while serving as a bodyguard, he fell in love with the person he guarded, even loving after being rejected. “As long as she happy,” he says, then it’s all right with him. There was no jealousy. Even after he was “killed,” experimented on, and bitterly ruing his decisions, he still loved her. He was later able to say, ‘When a person has someone they care about that much, giving their life is sometimes the least they can do. And maybe that's what makes us human.’

When he first joined AVALANCHE, his reasons were merely for revenge and hopes of atoning his sins because he felt he might have been able to prevent much of the world’s disasters. Yet, as the game continues, he doesn’t sit out from the conversations—he gives blunt advice and his own opinions on how things should be done, but it’s obvious that he respects AVALANCHE and its leader. In the end, he’s no longer so much of a loner—he’s part of the motley group. Maybe a little stand-offish in the pictures, but definitely one of them. In Advent Children Complete, he goes and saves Cloud (and here it’s shown that Marlene is familiar with Vincent and trusts him), later helping to defeat the BAHAMUT summon. Vincent finally buys a phone, and despite protesting calls from Yuffiecertain people, he still uses it for keeping in touch with those who are his friends. He’s willing to save the world, playing the hero when required, and while he still has as a tendency to brood, he doesn’t separate himself entirely from the world because he’s a part of it.

That’s Vincent in a nutshell.


It is a known fact that Turks are badass. Vincent is no exception. He received training by Shinra and knows how to handle different guns and rifles.

Still an excellent gunslinger, with a twist. After experimentation, Vincent gained four demons and he can shapeshift at will—and sometimes unconsciously. The demons are his Limit Breaks.

The demons (quoting from FF wiki because it words it better than I can ever word it)—

Galian Beast
“Vincent transforms into a wild purple beast.

Death Gigas
“Vincent transforms himself into a hulking monster

“Vincent transforms into a thug wearing a hockey mask and wielding a chainsaw.

“Vincent transforms into a winged demon.
(Arguably his most powerful Limit Break.)

Vincent mostly uses Galian Beast and Chaos…and in Dirge of Cerberus he is seen only using these two.


Final Fantasy VII
Vincent uses a total of thirteen different guns and rifles. His default weapon is Quicksilver (though it has been said that this was retconned in Advent Children for Cerberus), a pistol (Or handgun? Revolver? I’m not an expert in guns, so apologies if I get the term wrong). His Ultimate Weapon is Death Penalty, a rifle (There’s a game glitch with this weapon that’s rather amusing—if Vincent kills a huge number of enemies, his stats allow for him to kill a certain enemy with one shot).

Advent Children
He’s seen utilizing only one gun—Cerberus, a large tri-barrelled, tri-chambered revolver.

Cerberus statistics: “The Cerberus is a semi-automatic, break loading revolver with three barrels and three chambers. It is initially capable of holding 18 shots at once, six per chamber. As shown by Vincent in both the game and the movie, it is reloaded by a breaking mechanism that tilts the barrel and chambers an angle, allowing the ejection of spent cartridges and the placement of fresh rounds, ending with a flick of the wrist that snaps the barrel back into place. Three bullets are fired at once, allowing for only 6 shots per reload. With in-game customization, it can become lighter, more powerful, or hold more ammunition. A Materia Slot can also be equipped on a chain, allowing the use of different Materia to cast spells from its barrels. Accessories such as a scope for extreme accuracy and automatic reloading mechanisms could also be equipped for added dependability.”

“Flying cape” ability shown in Advent Children. Unnamed, and no explanation given for it. I think SE put it in simply because it looks cool.


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